Ceara Grehan Collection

“Every once in a while something fresh and innovative comes to the surface, Ceara Grehan and the Ireland String Quartet are just that and have been described as one of the most captivating  acts emerging and one to keep an eye on over the next few years. They cover a broad range of genre from their twist on time-honoured classics through jazz, swing to modern ballads.  This classy collaboration combines the award winning voice of one of Ireland’s leading ladies, with one of the country’s most prominent string groups……Their undoubted talent shone brightly throughout and the sumptuous blend of romantic strings with the smooth voice of Ceara will surely lead them to much success on the national music scene.”

“Belfast Mezzo Ceara Grehan looked and sounded beautiful. Her show stopping personality as well as her voice ought to lead to much greater national recognition”
Alf McCreary, Belfast Telegraph

“Huge local talent in the form of Ceara Grehan. What a superb voice and what a magnificent stage presence to top it off”
Louis McConnell, Belfast Telegraph

“The excellent Ceara Grehan – a lady who could brighten up any West End stage, once again proves her amazing versatility”
Damien Murray, Irish News

“It was the professionals who shone musically and none more so than the attractive and talented Ceara Grehan”
Alf McCreary, Belfast Telegraph

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